Woman, thou weight issues Loosed.


The Glamour magazine’s survey on young women recorded an average of 13 brutal thoughts about their bodies each day. That is believable judging by the way we are constantly negatively vocal about our weight; be it at the workplace, while shopping,at the restaurant… Hell even at a cocktail party ( where we are supposed to be having a good time, feeling sexy and pretending all is well in life, someone is bound to randomly shout about just how big their thighs have grown. Women, why cant we let go and embrace our bodies as they are??? There was a period in my life where I banned magazines altogether. Almost all issues I read, were on weight, body image and ‘diets’, it was sickening to say the least. I questioned whether these topics weren’t the reasons so many of us were paranoid and obsessed. While some mags were trying to abolish the typical ‘model type’ woman, a.k.a lanky and an average size 24-30, some were introducing the ‘real woman’ models a.k.a full- figured and at an average size of 38-46. While I thought this was a good concept, I still found that there’s a ‘hidden riot’ between the two. Of course not all skinny and tall women are bullimic, or intend on being models, most of them simply inherited their slim frame. And of course not all big-boned women are careless eaters who dont excercise, again most times it’s hereditory… So why cant we have a world where we just enjoy being under our own skin and not be labelled as thin or thick but as a Woman, full stop! I honestly do not have issues with women who look up to Khanyi Mbau, Beyonce or Naomi Campbell and dreams of having a body like theirs, just remember that once your dream crashes because you didnt succeed in achieving a particular body shape, spare us the details,Please! It’s your own fault for choosing to be like someone else and didnt approve of what you were given or thought it wasnt good enough. I know we all wish we had the perfect body or atleast owned a magic dress that would give us perky boobs, a tiny waist and a perfect butt, but reality is we are stuck in our bodies forever, so why not enjoy, nourish and just be merry in our imperfectly crafted bodies? I have grown out of focussing on unimportant things and learnt that there’s more to life than worrying about my very small hips. Women let’s appreciate our bodies for what they do, rather than how they look, ofcourse we need to keep them fresh by leading a healthy lifestyle. With that said, I would like to applaud Levi’s jeans for their latest campaign “Bring us your skinny tomboys, your curvy girls and all girls in between. We believe that hotness comes in all shapes” Finally one thing to feel happy about while paging through a magazine.. Amen!


Fashionable Flicks.

We all have our  personal reasons why we take  the time to go to a movie theatre and say that a certain motion picture  is worthy of our viewership. It could  be the soundtrack or  the unmissable and unforgettable star  featured that move you.

For me, apart from the storyline; the background music and the apparel gets my attention. I am mostly fascinated by  the Classics; there’s  much to be said about the corset/bustier worn so heartingly by women in the 60’s mostly. The skill it took to manufacture them is remarkable. One can just imagine how long it  takes  to put it on or off. You have to admit  that it is one of those sexiest garments ever made. With  that been said ‘ The Dutches’ and ‘ Elizabeth’ come to mind… Those  are just a few that I recall at this moment.

Then there are those  movies that portrait a sense of  “femme fatale”,  flattery and celebrate femininity  to them. From the  sassy & stylish Meryl Streep in ‘The Devil wears Prada’, the irresistable  Angelina Jolie who reminded us why dresses are tasteful in ‘The Tourist’ to Diane Keaton making adrogynous  dressing look cool  in  ‘Annie Hall,.

Clothing is an essential  feature,  just like a  good flick. It is ought to be as chic as it should be memorable…

Preg’s the word.

I  pressume  it’s  not  easy being pregnant. .. There’s  those odd times when no one offers  you  a  seat when  you  get in a  loaded  bus,  most  things  smell  terribble  and  taste  awful. It’s normal  to walk twenty  blocks through rain,  heat and snow, just like a postman, except the  mail sack  is tied to  your  abdomen.  There’s remarkable pressure  to look stylish  and   put   together even when your ankles  are swollen to  the  size of  bagels,  as  for the  mood swings  and being hormonal;  Uhhhmmm!  that  topic should be sparred for  another day altogether. 

With  this   month dedicated  to the  Women,   maybe   it’s  the  ordinary  South  African  pregnant  woman we   must  salute. Here’s to  you, belly-striding   through the  heat ripples of  August.  Keneilwe Kreations  has  you in mind  for their latest  range.

 Please ignore it when people scream “you’re huge”  or ‘I can tell you’re  having  a girl,  they steal  the  mother’s beauty”. 

 Take it easy waking down the broken stair, have a  seat &  relax .  Just  promise not  to  name your  baby  “Mahlomola, Roosevelt or Matric “

Project 26 Dresses.

Project in progress.. at the workshop.

Last month Keneilwe Kreations was approached by the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)’s Fashion Design Department to take in students who are studying towards their National Diploma, for Work Intergrated Learning Programme. As this was the first for us, the idea seemed exciting and we were granted two amazing students, who abided by the house rules, were meticulous in their work & most of all showed enthusiasm at all costs.

I must say, they couldnt have come at the perfect time, where orders for two weddings had piled in. We had 26 dresses to make before their In-service training period ends. The past six weeks had been hectic especially for the amateurs, hopping from dealing with in-coming clients, telephone queries, designing, patterning, sewing and finally dealing with the stresses that come with fittings. I felt sorry for them, but kept reminding myself that these students need to experience the realities of the workplace and business environment.

Today marked the last day of their programme and am I glad to say that ‘Project 26 Dresses’ is almost done. Thanks to my dedicated students, who brought in their unique ideas and maintaining quality standards that reign within Keneilwe Kreations. I do hope this gave them ample opportunity to investigate, explore and establish their career choices.

To Gene and Lizzette.. Thank  You!

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Fashion on Feminism

There’s much to be said about fashion and style;  ‘fashion on feminism’ to be exact, has and will always continue to make headlines. As a designer, I have met and worked with an array of fashionistas. I have learnt how the desperation to be unique or have a certain ‘signature look’ has prevailed to a point of riddiculous narcissism and paranoia.

Throughout the years, the constant battle with fashion versus sophistication has been boiling. Teaching how fashion is fleeting, that its beauty is ephermal hasn’t been easy, because most women tend to be stuck by its naivety of  its opinion, seduced by its momentary idea. Only the wise ones understand that sophistication is not always the trendiest route to follow. They know the importance of wearing clothes for a long time and not just a single season. They also know that clothes should demand the highest quality of  fabrics and workmanship, that way they will have personality and functionality. Lastly, clothing exists only in order to express something about the wearer.

Sadly very few designers understand this concept; I think our very own South African success Nkhensani Nkosi (Nee Manganyi) and French Haute-Couturist Coco Chanel have mastered the art of this philosophy, for they have created eminently wearable , not necessarily fashionable clothes, that women really want to wear. Pride and quality reign supreme in their garments.

The vision of our designers  should be: To pave daring new way to be inspired by fashion, not to be overwhelmed by it, because all women really want is to look and feel good in the shape they possess. Our designers should strive to Sophisticate!